Time Is Money And You Are Late

You are late! But Sir, “I reached at 9:11 am and the office clock is showing 9:15 am, definitely the system clock is wrong as my watch is accurate as per the standard time of the state… But Sir!!!” We all know this conversation has been faced by almost everyone in this world, no one can claim of being punctual all the time right! But the problem gets worst when there is some difference in clocks (one is wearing on the wrist and the one which is on the office wall) and there is no way one can explain this to his/her boss.

There are some genuine issues as well, like the employee ID card is not working, may be the infra. Box (on which they place the card to mark the attendance is not that efficient) but all these are lame excuses in front of the boss of the company. We are living in an era where, one thinks and it can happen the next moment (thanks to science and technology). A term called ‘time management system’ it’s a complete employee scheduling software Australia developed in order to keep an eye on everything (from an employer perspective) and to facilitate regarding late coming, late going and everything (from an employee’s perspective). This software provides a complete system and includes fingerprint impression for marking the attendance instead of a RFID, and the moment person mark the attendance an email is sent directly to the head of department with the copy to the HR department. This actually reduces the fuss which is created by any employee ID card malfunction.

Moreover an employee is no more required to go and visit the HR department for attendance record, number absents and late comings because, an employee has a portal through which he can easily check the status of almost everything related to him. In addition this software allows customized checks too, like if boss thinks that an employee is going out of the line (coming late, frequent absents without prior notice) he/she can make the checks stricter for that particular employee, warn him/her via system (instead of calling that employee personally) if he/she has crossed the late comings; this software allows the admin (which is the boss) to uncheck any more late comings, as a result any future late of that particular employee will be marked as an ‘absent for the day’. If you are interested about best workforce management software you can visit this website https://rosterfy.com/workforce-management-software-solutions.

At the time of performance appraisal, this management system allows the HOD to judge the performance of an employee, judge his/her sense of ownership for his/her work, warn him by showing complete error free authentic facts and figures for the whole month plus help the HOD to take disciplinary action against any non-compliant employee, even fire him/her after certain level of warnings. In initial days things were easier to cheat but after the introduction of new systems, developments and application software (especially ‘employee time management software’) it is really difficult to bluff! So better pull up your socks folks!